About Us

Liberal-Democrat is dedicated to changing America for better by instituting Liberal values and policies. We’ve tried to assemble a diverse crew, united by a common goal: to make all Americans equal.

Annie X: “I’m a feminist first. Women are constantly under attack and I’m determined to do everything in my power to fight the patriarchal status quo”

L.A.: “As an African-American, I’ve seen tremendous progress in my lifetime, but there are still more challenges facing us as a people. I’m proud to see more and more white women refusing to continue the bloodline of their ancestors, and join us in the fight.”

Cy: “I’m gay as hell and proud of it. There was a time when Homo-Americans were killed just for their orientation. I think that time has mostly passed, but it looks like there are still murderous homophobes on the loose. There’s safety in numbers, so let’s stand together.”

Rachel: G “As a Judeo-American woman, I’m working to popularize the term ‘Judeo-American.’ My top area of interest is anything media-related, whether it’s TV, movies or other assorted outlets. I demand equality for all and I believe we will find it in my lifetime.”

Scott Shadow: “I’m ashamed to admit I’m a straight, white, non-Jewish male. My demographics represent the worst of humanity and all of America’s darkest history. I’m determined to make up for the sins of my people.”