Boycott Ryan Lochte The Urinator

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a rich white male commits a series of crimes and blames it on the foreigners, and gets off scot free.

We all know Ryan Lochte as the American swimmer that was always inferior to two-time DUI arrestee Michael Phelps. We also know him as America’s Stupidest Olympian.

Recently Lochte committed a number of crimes in Brazil and topped them off by filing a false police report. As usual, Lochte expects that he can offer a second-rate apology and then go on with his life of privilege.

Update: we asked you so boycott Lochte’s sponsors until they dropped him. As of this writing, your boycott worked and all of the sponsors dropped Lochte. Special praise goes to Speedo for donating the remainder of their contract to “Save The Children” of Brazil. Its estimated that this international incident may cost Lochte $750,000-$1M in lost endorsements. A small price to pay.

Keep in mind that one of the alleged crimes involves urinating on a gas station. Who knows how much urinating he has done in the pools over the years?

I suggest that Lochte be banned from the US swimming program, and move to Africa to coach unfortunate youths in swimming. Only then can we forgive him.



Abolish Pistol From The Olympics

In light of all the evils done by guns, how in the world is pistol shooting an Olympic sport?

In order to save lives and limit gun violence, we must demonize guns – not glorify them!

Our children look up to Olympians as heroes and role models. Firing guns should not be included in games of goodwill.

Please contact the Olympic Committee and demand that this barbaric “sport” be eliminated.


Gun Control – Now

Everyone knows that you’re more likely to soot a member of your own family than you are to shoot an actual attacker of some kind.

Why would you want to shoot your own family? Clearly you can only do so with a gun.

We simply must take guns out of the hands of civilians. We must repeal the second amendment.

The best place to start is to effect public opinion and make people cry out for removal of this right.

Whether there is a mass shooting or simply a one-victim shooting, we must give it the most publicity possible. There should be a gun-related fatality at the top of the news every day. And the media must focus on the gun itself, rather than the lost life or the shooter or any motivation or circumstance. Likewise, any non-gun attack should be downplayed.

Surely, if a mass killer wants to continue his evil plans, he can use an Improvised Explosive Device, bomb or run his truck into a crowd or use any number of other weapons. Yet, as it stands, guns are the top choice due to their ease of availability. If we remove that option, many killers will simply be too lazy to follow through. Others may put in the effort to continue their attack, but the added effort may send up a red flag and aid law enforcement.

So be sure to talk up the shootings, send links, and post to social media. Once the public opinion is turned, the next steps will be far easier.


Olympic Heroes For Moms – Kristin Armstrong

Who isn’t inspired by the Olympians? Probably a bunch of conservatives that think the reference to Olympians infringes on their freedom of religion.

Anyway, I was especially inspired by American gold medal winner Kristin Armstrong. Armstrong has won gold in women’s time trial cycling three times now – including this year in Rio. She’s age 43 and has a five year old son and a husband, while holding a prestigious job as a community health director.

She could be a role model for all women – not just competitive athletes. You don’t have to give up your dreams when you become a mother. You can continue to achieve outside of the home. You can have a career, accomplish personal goals and still be a family woman.

We all know time is finite. So we must prioritize and devote our attention and efforts to what is most important. There are resources out there to help you. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have a helpful husband or family.

So the next time you try to use an excuse and say something can’t be done because you’re a wife or mother, think of Kristin Armstrong.


Exactly what are Values of the Two-Year School.

Leading-edge education and learning with this country is fairly quickly turning into a need inside of the business group instead of an extravagance. Inside of the past the individuals who had a secondary faculty training continue to had the possibility to manufacture a excellent society for on their own as well as their families. People times are easily turning into an alternative dieing coal for the earlier. About the off chance that you just would like to have massive obtaining future amid your life span that you are utterly restricted by your learning future in addition to the level of instruction you could have gotten.

The uplifting information is that you you should not have got to use a acquire or bust solution with regards to instruction. You can still begin by making toddler strides almost about superior education. About the off chance which you have a junior faculty on your standard vicinity, this really is without doubt one of the most effective property for beginning your faculty instruction at any stage inside of your lifetime. Most junior colleges include lessons at different days amid the day and evening, even some on Saturday always keeping in your mind the tip aim to oblige understudies of assorted ages and foundations.

Junior colleges moreover give you a extraordinary chance to begin your getting to know mission in a way which is a superb offer considerably more very easily fair into the standard countrywide than an all out college or university. These universities are into a incredible extent worker universities on the other hand one can find a few that allow understudies the go through of residing on the college grounds in a considerably lower fee than most genuine colleges demand for that equivalent or basically the same as amazing benefits.

Junior colleges furthermore allow you to look into your choices in case you aren’t in most cases particular what heading you want for the teaching to consider with out having to pay this sort of a high price tag for your course of action. In case you are aware of the vocation way you would like to just take chances are you may track down a two-year diploma method that will have you from college and in a job a great deal before a four-year program will allow. To the off prospect that that may not ample information to suit your needs, a considerable percentage of the two-year projects of study that happen to be offered in the junior school level may just move easily into 4 calendar year certification software programs at the university degree.

Junior faculties give you a superb begin for some persons that are on the lookout for innovative schooling if to aid their professions or simply to find satisfaction on a person level in life. There are actually a variety of wonderful assignments in competent fields and scholarly fields that may be investigated and scientific studies about the junior faculty level.

For graduating secondary university understudies junior colleges assistance understudies tutorial into the alteration from secondary college to school without going through the way in which of existence stun that a couple of schools can put understudies because of. You’ll find that there are repeatedly a variety of possibilities to fulfill instructive and likewise social specifications on the junior college degree for understudies that happen to be occupied with trying to get following a junior school working out.

You must furthermore discover that junior schools tend to be fewer demanding to paying out with regards to putting aside finances and expense cash for either your very own college exercising or maybe the instructive expenditures of your youngsters. Using them go to a junior school for a longer time then exchanging to some College can spare a large amount of hard cash and provides you a little bit of mind that your young children are as however accepting a great amount of instruction.

Undeniably, for the off prospect that you’ll be seeking an astounding excellent quality with regards to instruction you’d do your self or your children an personal injury in the event that you don’t seem for the junior college alternatives inside your standard vicinity in the past dove in and jumping into the school means of lifestyle. You will discover that junior colleges usually supply you with an equivalent level of instruction with the important lessons that for starters and second 12 months undergrads on a regular basis just take, they are really a vastly improved esteem for the hard cash, and they are an outstanding qualities for that men and women who’re attempting to juggle their schooling with friends and family and give good results obligations.