Clinton Cash: Lackluster Attempted Smear Job

Recently I had the misfortune to watch the film version of Clinton Cash. I’m a pretty open-minded person, so I thought it was only fair to see what the minor buzz was about.

Let me assure you it was a whole lot of nothing.

First of all, it looks like it was edited by a 12 year old. And 12 year olds are not known for their editing prowess. The movie actually includes stock footage of wild animals attacking each other, presumably to put viewers in the mindset that the Clintons and their friends are somehow preying on the innocent.

The real problem with the movie is that it really doesn’t provide evidence of anything. It asks the viewer to connect a lot of dots and makes claims with no backing. The only times they show sources for their claims are very weak claims.

The alleged facts provided would not be enough to convict Hillary of any crimes of unethical behaviors.

The film asks viewers to connect dots, infer wrongdoing where none is shown, and jump to conclusions. It names names and conveys stories, but leaves the rest to the imagination.

Worst of all, the film doesn’t even make an emotional appeal to the viewer. I can’t imagine it will stir the most conservative Republican to take action. I imagine a few conservatives will try to prop this up, but only the most gullible viewer would let them influence them in any way.

Don’t waste your time with this claptrap.




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