Could Tim Kaine Cost Hillary The Election?

The 2016 election is Hillary’s to lose. Trump has managed to anger and alienate millions around the US, even many within his own party. If Hillary avoids a major misstep or another scandal, she’s in.

Could the choice of TIm Kaine as running mate be that misstep? In this era of diversity, the presence of a straight white Christian male won’t inspire minorities to vote the way they did in 2008 and 2012. In fact it may turn them away from the polling place.

Many of the poor and depressed looked to Obama and his “Change we can believe in” as a savior and a new era of wealth redistribution. Unless they won a lottery or a huge lawsuit, most of these voters didn’t see the gold-paved streets they envisioned.

We’re sure women will vote for Hillary, and many people will simply vote against Trump. But the choice of an African-American could have shored up a large demographic group that feels let down by the emptiness of the “Change we can believe in.”


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