Donald Trump: Sexist

If you watched the second Presidential Debate, you learned that Donald Trump has rated women’s looks numerically, on a scale of 0-10.┬áHe has also kissed women without obtaining prior consent.

These actions are deplorable! Anyone who acts like this should be locked up forever. They certainly shouldn’t be President of The United States of America.

Trump defended his actions by calling them “locker room talk.” Baloney. This kind of talk isn’t suitable for a locker room or anyplace else. It isn’t even suitable for a prison cell, which is where Trump belongs.

The only acceptable action from this point forward is for Trump to drop out of the race, sell his assets, and donate them to women’s causes, and then turn himself over to authorities for prosecution. His words and actions are not forgivable.

We must all live our lives as if every word and every action is being recorded for public display. If you hear anyone rate a woman’s looks, be sure to record it and then make the recording public. Demand the offender lose his job, at the very least. If someone tries to kiss you without first obtaining written, witnessed, and notarized consent, notify the police immediately. You have been sexually assaulted and time is of the essence if the guilty person is to be successfully prosecuted.

I can only hope that one of Trump’s assault victims comes forward and reports him before election day. Can you imagine electing a President who is not only a sexist, but also a rapist? We’re this close folks. Don’t let this happen.




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