Evacuate Cleveland While You’re Still Alive

Stay clear of Cleveland, OH unless you want to be a martyr for the Liberal cause.

In case you didn’t know, Cleveland is home to this year’s Republican National Convention. In other words, the city is going to be invaded by an angry hoard of gun-toting maniacs. And they’ll just be looking for an excuse to open fire on anyone that disagrees with them or looks different.

Of course Ohio has been considered a swing state for the past few election cycles. Apparently the GOP thinks having the convention there will help their efforts to regain the white house and oppress American citizens. They tried the same tactic in 2012 by holding the convention in FL but that didn’t work, as we know. Conservatives hate change and don’t learn from mistakes of the past, so I guess the strategy makes sense.

If you can’t escape from Cleveland, stay indoors. Good luck, Ohio.



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