For The Good Of Humanity

Even if you’ve never heard of genetic diversity, you probably already know a bit about it.

We know that if two siblings have a child together, if it survives it will most likely be deformed, retarded, or at best “slow.” This is because the genes of the two parents are two similar

Likewise, if you want your offspring to be the strongest possible, you should have genes that are as different from your mate as possible. What better way to ensure this than to have children of mixed race?

If you’re a white couple, I encourage you to get a vasectomy and adopt a child of a different race. We al know there are plenty of children of all races that need a “forever home.”

If you’re a single white person, please don’t marry another white person and bring more white people into the world. They’ve done enough harm as it is. It still wouldn’t be a bad idea for the white males to get sterilized and then adopt.


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