Get Ready To Go On Welfare, Workers

For decades, truck driving has been a reliable and good paying job for those without other special skills and knowledge. If you hadn’t heard, self-driving trucks are already on the roads in Europe and it won’t be long until they replace the American truck driver.

It’s just a matter of time until robots replace fast food workers and other “unskilled laborers.” Many management teams consider workers the bane of their existence and nothing more than a drain on corporate profits. They are always looking for opportunities to eliminate workers and the wages and ┬ábenefits paid to the lowly worker.

Surely we’ll have to raise taxes on the rich and successful to pay for all of the out of work Americans. As soon as the greedy rich decide the tax increase is cheaper than paying workers, look out below. We’ll all be on welfare.

And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want a free check for doing nothing. Granted, it may not be a large check, but if you’re willing to make some changes, it might be the utopia we’ve all dreamed about.




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