Gun Control – Now

Everyone knows that you’re more likely to soot a member of your own family than you are to shoot an actual attacker of some kind.

Why would you want to shoot your own family? Clearly you can only do so with a gun.

We simply must take guns out of the hands of civilians. We must repeal the second amendment.

The best place to start is to effect public opinion and make people cry out for removal of this right.

Whether there is a mass shooting or simply a one-victim shooting, we must give it the most publicity possible. There should be a gun-related fatality at the top of the news every day. And the media must focus on the gun itself, rather than the lost life or the shooter or any motivation or circumstance. Likewise, any non-gun attack should be downplayed.

Surely, if a mass killer wants to continue his evil plans, he can use an Improvised Explosive Device, bomb or run his truck into a crowd or use any number of other weapons. Yet, as it stands, guns are the top choice due to their ease of availability. If we remove that option, many killers will simply be too lazy to follow through. Others may put in the effort to continue their attack, but the added effort may send up a red flag and aid law enforcement.

So be sure to talk up the shootings, send links, and post to social media. Once the public opinion is turned, the next steps will be far easier.


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