I’m Ready For Minimum Wage

In case you haven’t guessed, writing for this blog isn’t a full-time or part-time job. I just do it because I believe in the Liberal agenda

I have a regular job, which I won’t reveal due to safety and privacy concerns. It isn’t a great job, nor it a good-paying job. It is substantially above minimum wage though.

I feel guilty and ashamed when I go to a fast food joint or a retail outlet and see people working for minimum wage – far below a living wage. I felt privileged to attend and graduate from college. Does that entitle me to make a living wage? Why should my fellow Americans work full time for a wage that doesn’t allow them to live above the poverty line?

That’s why I’ll be proud to work for minimum wage when the rate is raised to the same level I currently make. I’ll stand side by side with the high school dropouts, the unskilled, and the incompetent. I’ll give up my car and move in with a group of friends or family while celebrating my status as a minimum wage earner.

Clearly capitalism only works for the 1%. Communism is the answer. We must all make sacrifices for the common good. Put your ego aside and raise the minimum wage to your current level of earning. Let’s level the playing field.


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