Leslie Jones: Hero, Martyr, Victim

Most of you know Leslie Jones as the African-American actress-writer and star of such hits as Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live.

Leslie inadvertently became the modern face of Affirmative Action, after she was hired as an SNL writer/contributor/actor in the wake of a major liberal movement to hire African-American women on the show.

She made the best of her opportunity and proved her worth as a superstar talent – currently leading the most culturally important remake of our time, and starring in commercials that appear to appeal to no one.

Leslie made headlines recently after revealing that she was racially harassed mercilessly on Twitter. Clearly, the actions and words of many straight white Christian males were hurtful and oppressive.

Is it fairly for Leslie to be attacked because of her superior talent and success? Is it right to persecute someone because they don’t fit the traditional profile of female beauty or grace? Of course not. We know most of the hate is based in envy and jealousy.

Leslie should be a hero of liberal democrats of all sorts – she’s taking the abuse today, breaking down the doors now, so others in the future can succeed. That takes courage – the kind of courage that few have shown.


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