New America

As far as we know, The U.S. was founded by straight, white, Christian males. They set up the system to work for themselves and no others.

The next couple of centuries consisted of slavery, genocide, lynchings, discrimination, segregation, war and more killing than anyone can quantify.

It’s only in the past couple of decades that minority groups have begun to even approach any semblance of equality. Yes, legislation and constitutional amendments had been enacted to guarantee fairness and equality, but it still took many years to see the desired effects.

Since 2008 we’ve enjoyed an African-American presidency and we’re just moments from congratulating the first Female-American President.

Finally, the old America of oppression is fading and the new America is taking hold!

That’s why we’re in the process of developing a New American flag. First, we wanted to remove the red that represents the old conservative Republican party. Next, we wanted to remove the white stars and replace them with black ones, for obvious reasons. Instead, we ended up with one star to symbolize unity to replace the old division. We decided to replace the white stripes with green to represent the environmental movement. The blue, of course, represents the Democrat party that has led us to this amazing time in history. The yellow around the star is mainly for aesthetics, but it could represent the socialism that ¬†will truly make all Americans equal in not just the eyes of the law, but also economically.

Clearly it’s only a prototype – a first draft if you will. We believe it represents America’s destiny – the New America



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