No Wonder Conservatives Hate The Gays

Everyone knows I’m a proud gay man. But I still watch a lot of TV – probably too much.

It seems like lately I’m being bombarded with pro-gay propaganda. First of all, it’s a little embarrassing. But more importantly, I’m really getting sick of the sheer volume. I’m sure people mean well, but my goodness, talk about overkill!

Can’t we just live our lives in peace? Do we really have to beat people over the head with our diversity? We are so ‘in your face’ about it now, I wouldn’t blame the straight males for getting fed up. I mean if you try to cram something down people’s throats, they will soon get sick of it – and that isn’t intended to be sexual.

And who wants to be preached at or talked down to? Yesterday I saw a PSA featuring a gay pro wrestler. Kudos to him for having the courage to come out and everything, but do we need big tough guys trying to intimidate people into accepting us?

Using intimidation, an air of superiority, and an unending barrage can’t be the answer. It will probably lead to backlash and mass murder instead. We’ll just wait and see.



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