Olympic Heroes For Moms – Kristin Armstrong

Who isn’t inspired by the Olympians? Probably a bunch of conservatives that think the reference to Olympians infringes on their freedom of religion.

Anyway, I was especially inspired by American gold medal winner Kristin Armstrong. Armstrong has won gold in women’s time trial cycling three times now – including this year in Rio. She’s age 43 and has a five year old son and a husband, while holding a prestigious job as a community health director.

She could be a role model for all women – not just competitive athletes. You don’t have to give up your dreams when you become a mother. You can continue to achieve outside of the home. You can have a career, accomplish personal goals and still be a family woman.

We all know time is finite. So we must prioritize and devote our attention and efforts to what is most important. There are resources out there to help you. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have a helpful husband or family.

So the next time you try to use an excuse and say something can’t be done because you’re a wife or mother, think of Kristin Armstrong.


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