Happy Thanksgiving or Thankstaking

Many Americans will spend the day eating and watching TV, while claiming to be thankful for some thing or another – probably ill-gotten gains. To those, we say Happy Thanksgiving.

Others will spend the day lamenting how early Americans murdered the Native Americans and took their land. To those, we say thanks. It’s hard to say Happy Thankstaking when remembering one of the most shameful human tragedies in history.

So spread the word; remind everyone how the white men unleashed genocide on the Native Americans, including intentionally spreading deadly smallpox. Remind them how the Native Americans were forced from their lands and sent on death marches across the nation multiple times under brutal conditions.

Let’s all feel ashamed today and everyday. Thankstaking indeed.



Boycott Bad Santa 2

I haven’t seen Bad Santa 2 and I don’t intend to spend a penny to watch it. And it’s not because I haven’t seen the first one.

According to the previews – the material they are showing to make people want to watch the film – we are supposed to think it’s funny when a man punches a woman in the face. And we’re supposed to think it’s hilarious to learn that this woman suffered spousal abuse.

In a way I hate to type this and give the film free publicity. Still, I want to encourage everyone to protest and picket this misogynist movie. We’ve worked too hard condemning violence against women. We cannot allow it to be a joke or acceptable.

It’s a shame that Kathy Bates would agree to be a part of this travesty.



Be Careful What You Wish For With Impeachment

As I type this, we’re weeks away from Trump’s inauguration, but the powers that be are already starting work to impeach him. But what would that leave us with? A Mike Pence presidency. No thank you. As bad as Trump might seem, I don’t want to live in a nation ruled by Pence.

I don’t want the government to control the media. I don’t want gay marriages annulled. I don’t want gays banned from the military. I don’t want to eliminate paid family leave. I don’t want to replace evolution with creationism in schools.

Pence was the old testament, fire and brimstone bible-thumper the republicans needed to balance the ticket.

As much as you might dislike and disrespect Trump, at least he isn’t Mike Pence.



Trump: Civil War II Traitor ???

If you saw the third debate, you know that Donald Trump may refuse to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election. What would be the alternative? Filing endless lawsuits? Demanding recounts?

Or leading a secession of the red states to form a new confederacy?

If you’ve spent any time in the South, you know that secession is a hot topic among racist white males. These are exactly the type that make up most of Trump’s supporters. He’s been spouting the hateful rhetoric they love, so he would be an ideal choice to lead a treasonous rebellion.

The first US Civil War caused more deaths by Americans than any other war. It reduced cities and states to rubble. It led to decades of resentment and hate. With the advances in military technology in the past 150 years, the level of death and destruction Trump’s war would cause is so vast it’s simply inconceivable.

For some reason that is beyond me, folks like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee are not considered traitors. If Trump does indeed lead a new confederacy to secession and civil war, we must hold him accountable and label him for what he is: a traitor.


No Wonder Conservatives Hate The Gays

Everyone knows I’m a proud gay man. But I still watch a lot of TV – probably too much.

It seems like lately I’m being bombarded with pro-gay propaganda. First of all, it’s a little embarrassing. But more importantly, I’m really getting sick of the sheer volume. I’m sure people mean well, but my goodness, talk about overkill!

Can’t we just live our lives in peace? Do we really have to beat people over the head with our diversity? We are so ‘in your face’ about it now, I wouldn’t blame the straight males for getting fed up. I mean if you try to cram something down people’s throats, they will soon get sick of it – and that isn’t intended to be sexual.

And who wants to be preached at or talked down to? Yesterday I saw a PSA featuring a gay pro wrestler. Kudos to him for having the courage to come out and everything, but do we need big tough guys trying to intimidate people into accepting us?

Using intimidation, an air of superiority, and an unending barrage can’t be the answer. It will probably lead to backlash and mass murder instead. We’ll just wait and see.