Citizen’s Arrest: Do Your Duty To Help Stop Sexual Assault

As U.S. citizens, or illegal aliens, we all have the right – and the duty – to perform a citizen’s arrest when we see a crime, such as sexual assault. So the next time you see a man hug, kiss, or put his arm around a woman without receiving prior consent, you should place him under citizen’s arrest and make sure the authorities are notified.

If you can possibly get video evidence of the attack, it would help in prosecution. So when in public, please have your phones or other video cameras at the ready. You never know when one of these crimes might occur, but a place where men and women gather socially is a potential crime scene. I’m talking about parties, bars and nightclubs, and the like. With the holiday season upon us, look for a spike in assaults, and be ready!



Trump Would Destroy The World

We know that Donald Trump loves war. Of course he has never actually fought in a war.

He is truly enamored with nuclear weapons. Though we have enough nuclear bombs to blow the Earth to bits several times over, Trump claims we are losing a weapons race Russia. Can you imagine if they are able to destroy the entire planet more times than we can?

Trump reminds me of a villain in a James Bond movie, holding the world hostage with nuclear arms. Except, of course, instead of using his own money to obtain weapons, Trump expects the American Taxpayer to fund his maniacal tyranny.

If a nuclear weapon is detonated in or near a populated area, it will cause massive death and suffering. Not just the immediate effect – radiation poisoning will cause unimaginable suffering as humans are cooked from the inside. And the we have to hope that there is no nuclear retaliation against the US.

Do you want to be killed in a nuclear war? Then you better not elect Trump. Surely he will lead us to the end of the world.


We Need A New US Constitution

We all know that a contract cannot exceed 99 years. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t know if the Constitution is a contract. You might think it is a contract between the people and the government. Since the government is supposed to be the people, maybe it’s a contract between the people and the people.

If so, then the US Constitution is invalid and should be replaced, lest we fall under the control of a tyrannical governmental nightmare.

Regardless, we need a new constitution. This one should have some serious differences from the old one. We must eliminate the Second Amendment, which may or may not give citizens the right to bear arms. We must also alter the First Amendment to eliminate hate speech.

I’m sure there are other changes needed, but those were the first ones I could think of.  Leave your suggestions in the comments area. And be sure to spread the word on social media and traditional media.


Founding Fathers: Racist, Sexist, Elitist Shame

White men like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin wrote the US Constitution. Not surprisingly, they wrote it to favor white men who owned land. Women were intended to be second class citizens, and African Americans weren’t even thought of as citizens. According to the Dredd Scott case, they weren’t even people.

So why do we honor these horrible white men? Why do we erect memorials, place their likeness on our cash, and name things after them?

Instead, we should wipe them from our collective consciousness and replace them with true heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Tony Dungy, and Oprah Winfrey.

I’m not saying you should deface the Jefferson Memorial or the $100 bill. We at have all taken a solemn vow to never condone crime.

What you should do is organize protests, write to your media or representatives, and post on social media. Together we can erase our sexist, racist shame and replace it with a future of equality and acceptance.



Donald Trump: Sexist

If you watched the second Presidential Debate, you learned that Donald Trump has rated women’s looks numerically, on a scale of 0-10. He has also kissed women without obtaining prior consent.

These actions are deplorable! Anyone who acts like this should be locked up forever. They certainly shouldn’t be President of The United States of America.

Trump defended his actions by calling them “locker room talk.” Baloney. This kind of talk isn’t suitable for a locker room or anyplace else. It isn’t even suitable for a prison cell, which is where Trump belongs.

The only acceptable action from this point forward is for Trump to drop out of the race, sell his assets, and donate them to women’s causes, and then turn himself over to authorities for prosecution. His words and actions are not forgivable.

We must all live our lives as if every word and every action is being recorded for public display. If you hear anyone rate a woman’s looks, be sure to record it and then make the recording public. Demand the offender lose his job, at the very least. If someone tries to kiss you without first obtaining written, witnessed, and notarized consent, notify the police immediately. You have been sexually assaulted and time is of the essence if the guilty person is to be successfully prosecuted.

I can only hope that one of Trump’s assault victims comes forward and reports him before election day. Can you imagine electing a President who is not only a sexist, but also a rapist? We’re this close folks. Don’t let this happen.