Remember It’s A Secret Ballot

I know a lot of Liberal Democrats are afraid of getting gunned down by deranged conservative gunmen on election day.

That’s probably a valid view. However, we must have the courage to get out and vote. As some dead white male Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Look, no one wants to get shot at the polling place. But no one has to know who you’re really voting for. You can put a Trump sticker on your bumper, wear camouflage to vote and even don a silly red hat to fool the snipers. Then when you get behind the curtain, just vote for Hillary and move on. If you want to lie to people about your choice, or decline to answer, that’s your right.

Remember, it’s a secret ballot. No one will ever really know who you vote for. Plus, you can always wear a bullet-proof vest.


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