Shaquille O’Neal: America’s Favorite Muslim

Who doesn’t know and love Shaquille O’Neal? He’s an All-American superstar that truly embodies the Superman tattoo on his body.

Shaq is a 7 foot tall, 300+ pound multi-millionaire NBA Hall of Famer. He’s a successful rapper and one of the most handsome men in the world. he holds a Doctorate Degree in Human Resources Development, yet speaks to the common folk with apparent ease.

Oh ya – he’s a Muslim. Did we forget to mention that? One of the most popular people in history is a Muslim-American.

He’s America’s face of Islam. Not a terrorist, but a hero to millions. One of the most educated, brilliant speakers of all time. And a target of hate-speech daily.

So the next time you conservative white males want to bash and banish Muslims, walk up to Shaquille O’Neal and speak your mind, preferably on camera. Too gutless and cowardly? Yes, yes you are.


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