Solidarity With Our Muslim Countrymen

The 2016 Summer Olympics have provided more amazing stories than we can possibly cover. Most popular perhaps are the numerous stories of African-Americans inspiring us with their breaking down of barriers. When the world thinks of the best and brightest of America, they will soon conjure images of African-Americans rather than the European-Americans that founded and subjugated the nation for so long.

Still, many agree that the most vital story was that of Ibtihaj Muhammad, the Muslim-American woman who competed in the fencing competition while wearing a hijab – the traditional Muslim headscarf. It is one of the highest profile Muslim-American contributions that many Americans have seen in a long time.

If ever there was a group of Americans that needed some good publicity, it’s the Muslim-Americans. Tragically, they are often mistaken for terrorists and enemies of the state. All they want is to spread their religion of peace to the entire world and to make life better for their families here and abroad. Just like every other American.

I was so proud of Ibtihaj Muhammad for being a beacon of positivity for an oppressed community.

In order to show support for our Muslim-American countrymen and women, I’m proposing an unofficial gesture: a day of solidarity. Perhaps we’ll soon find a catchy name.

I want to encourage all American women, of all faiths, to wear a hijab on a certain day as a sign of welcome and acceptance. We’ll pick a day soon and announce it with plenty of notice so you can go out and get the most fashionable scarf you can find! Of course you’re welcome and encouraged to wear them any day of the year until then.

It took generations for African-Americans to be accepted as true Americans. Let’s hope we can hasten the acceptance of Muslim-Americans. Eventually there will be a Muslim-American President. Could it be Ibtihaj Muhammad?




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