Support The Trump Campaign!

Why are we – the Liberal Democrat site – asking you to support the campaign of Conservative Republican Donald Trump?

Trump has run the most reckless and hateful campaign of any major party candidate we can recall. It’s hard to believe.

The only logical conclusion any sane person can reach is that Trump is doing everything in his power to make sure Hillary is elected. Maybe he’s working in cahoots with the Democrat party or maybe he’s flying solo. We don’t have access to that information.

Regardless, the more Trump spreads his message of hate, the more people turn against him and the entire GOP. The more resources Trump has, the more damaging material he can release, and our allies in the media will be sure to carry that message to the voters.

So it’s simple. As weird as it may feel, donating to Trump actually helps further our movement and helps destroy the Republican establishment.

Here’s a link:¬†



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