Trump Would Destroy The World

We know that Donald Trump loves war. Of course he has never actually fought in a war.

He is truly enamored with nuclear weapons. Though we have enough nuclear bombs to blow the Earth to bits several times over, Trump claims we are losing a weapons race Russia. Can you imagine if they are able to destroy the entire planet more times than we can?

Trump reminds me of a villain in a James Bond movie, holding the world hostage with nuclear arms. Except, of course, instead of using his own money to obtain weapons, Trump expects the American Taxpayer to fund his maniacal tyranny.

If a nuclear weapon is detonated in or near a populated area, it will cause massive death and suffering. Not just the immediate effect – radiation poisoning will cause unimaginable suffering as humans are cooked from the inside. And the we have to hope that there is no nuclear retaliation against the US.

Do you want to be killed in a nuclear war? Then you better not elect Trump. Surely he will lead us to the end of the world.


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